It is Friday and that means, as usually, perambulation will be ongoing. Mr Sir has invited you over for a movie night and some good time at his place. Please don’t just show up at his door step with your phone and house keys only. Here’s a list of the must-have items you require:

1. Change of clothing

Unless you are willing to do the walk of shame in your club attire, bring with you a change of clothes. You actually don't need much, a T-shirt and leggings or a dera (the official hungover attire). A change of clothes will have you feeling fresh as you head back to your crib. Don’t assume that Mr Sir will lend you his Arsenal jersey and beaten up sweatpants.

In line with clothing, don't forget some clean underwear. You know why.

2. Toiletries

Ranging from toothpaste, tooth brush, comb, hairproducts etc. carry them. Don’t be willing to use the one that has been sitting on his sink for Lord knows how long collecting all sorts of bacteria. Yuck! Also by bringing your own, you are certain you won’t be swapping saliva and bacteria with all the previous users. We all know you aren’t the only one to sleepover at Mr Sir’s and you surely won’t be the last.

In this bag of toiletries don’t forget to include some deodorant or perfume and bathing soap, not unless you want to smell like Mr Sir when leaving his house. Again, the soap bar holds a myriad of bacteria that are just too icky.


If you have your hair out or you have on a weave, after all the movies and good time, your hair will be a mess. A bird's nest looks better. So, as you head to shower and attempt to wash away the dirt and impending shame, grab your comb and hair product. Some oil or leave in conditioner should work just fine in taming your hair. After the strands are tamed, just braid them and slap a hat on. Yap, decent enough to face humanity.

3. Contraceptives

You shouldn’t allow Mr Sir to get on to any explorations without protection. That would be all to say but for the 'lost,' if you aren’t on a certain form of contraception just pack the ‘opps pill’. Individuals do tend to get carried away and only after recovery do they remember their grave mistake.

4. Snacks

This may shock some but Bachelors live like they are squatters. There is hardly any food in the house just empty beer cans and take out boxes. The most nutritional thing he can offer you is some stale bread and the mould infested avocado that has been lying in the back of his fridge. Having some snacks on hand will provide you with the nutritional value you need after any intense work. Snacks such as energy bars, protein drinks, whatever will give you energy carry it. You will need it. Thank me later.

There you have it, all you need to pack when going to stay over at Mr Sir’s. Make sure the bag you carry is a cute tote like bag and not a whole suitcase. You’re staying the night not moving in. As you party away, remember Monday’s status meeting was moved to 8 am, don’t be late.

What’s the weirdest thing a guest has done at your house?