Mozambican peri peri chicken (Photo: The Guardian)

Peri Peri chicken, although now a delicacy in various parts of the world, originated in Mozambique. The preparation of this spicy chicken represents a mix of cultures that have been present in the country for centuries.

Peri Peri chicken is like a taste of heaven, the blend of spices and juices from the spices will confuse your senses and leave your taste buds yearning for more. The secret to this perfect sauce for Mozambicans is the African bird’s eye chillies.

Chillies, also known as pili pili, can be found in any part of the world but Mozambicans, because of Peri Peri chicken, their indigenous informal national dish, grow their own chilli for the purpose of fulfilling this mouthwatering dish.

Preparing the savoury Peri Peri chicken is quite simple. First, you need to prepare the sauce that is used to marinate the chicken.

Other than the obvious ingredient, the chicken, here are the ingredients you will need to prepare the marinating sauce:


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One white onion

Six cloves of garlic

10-12 red chillies

One teaspoon of black pepper

One tablespoon of brown sugar

Two teaspoons of salt

Three tablespoons of olive oil or normal oil

One sprig of thyme leaves

One lemon

Two tablespoons of paprika

One cup of vinegar


The first step is to mix all the ingredients together, it would be advisable to use a blender to ensure the mixture is uniform.

You will then go for your chicken in this next step.

On a flat surface, dry your chicken using a paper towel. Then butterfly cut your chicken to divide it into two, you can use a pair of kitchen scissors or a sharp knife. Then turn it over to the opposite side and spread it on a flat surface.

In a cooking tray, rub some oil on the surface then put your chicken on top of it. Then pour your marinating sauce and rub it in to ensure every part of the chicken is covered by the sauce. Let it sit for an hour or two to let the juices diffuse into the chicken.

Preheat your oven to 4000 this will take approximately 15 minutes to heat. Then put your chicken in the oven and let it bake for 30- 40 minutes.

After the chicken is ready, you can apply the remaining marinating sauce to the cooked chicken to maximize on the flavours, and your chicken is ready to be served!

This spicy dish goes well with fried potatoes or rice. Enjoy!