Singlehood is a special time in everyone's life, especially women. It gives you the time to discover yourself and build yourself up. After being single for a while women tend to become powerful and comfortable in their own skin as they focus their time and energy on their growth and wellbeing. However, there are times one may have become too comfortable being single that they forget how important relationships can be in their life.

These few tips can help you to discover if you have been single for too long.

You do not make any effort to meet someone

You stopped making any effort to meet someone new. You do not try as hard, as you used to a couple of months or years back, to put yourself out there. You have become too comfortable being single and it does not seem to bother you anymore. Effort to you seems like you are trying too hard and you do not want to come off as desperate.

You do not get asked about relationships

You no longer get asked about who you are dating by your friends and family. They have given up on you after waiting for so long to no results. They have given up on setting you up on dates since you keep rejecting everyone and saying that they are not good enough.

You cuddle your pillow daily

You miss cuddling someone and always find yourself holding your pillow which seems to give you extra comfort when you are trying to go to sleep. This could be a sign that you are ready to be with someone.

You do not know how to flirt

Due to the fact that you have been single for a long time, you have forgotten how to flirt. Whenever a guy compliments you, you end up overthinking and giving a response that is way off.

Flirting has become one of the most difficult things to you and it seems like a turn off to you. You feel like you are too mature for such conversations and you only want to talk about different kinds of things. 

You always have doubts about men

Whenever you have a crush, you always ask yourself the 'What If' question first. Texting gives you high anxiety because you keep trying to decipher every text and understand what the guy means. At some point you start questioning if he is genuine or if he is just pretending like ‘the many’ others.

You avoid love related things

You avoid situations where the only discussion is about love and relationships.

Whenever you are scrolling through social media and see posts on weddings and engagements you get irritated by them as you feel such things should be kept private.

You have completely moved on from your past relationships

Your exes might have haunted you back in the day but you have now moved on and you completely support them in their new relationships.

You can easily scroll past their social media accounts without caring and feeling the need to see what they are up to. You do not miss them and think of what you two had.

You are not ready to compromise

You are not at a place where you are ready to make compromises for someone else. You prefer sticking to the way things are and you do not want to welcome any changes.

You do not want to have to share your space and your bed with someone else, you do not want to change where you eat or change your schedule to include someone else in your day to day life.

You stopped dressing to impress

Whenever you get dressed up you do it for yourself. You stopped getting all dolled up with the thought that you might meet someone you will like while outside the house. The thought of looking good for someone else has become old news to you and it no longer matters to you. You want someone to accept you the way you are.

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