Octopizzo's collection. Photo: Courtesy

When Drake dropped the line started from the bottom now we're here in his much acclaimed 2013 track, it rang true to Kenya’s flamboyant rapper, Octopizzo.

Octopizzo, a celebrated Kenyan heavy weight rapper posted a picture of more than a hundred pair of shoes this week, neatly arranged and enough to cascade a room the size of bedsitters in some estates in Nairobi.

“Let your dreams outgrow the shoes of your expectations. Put yourself in my shoes & you'll understand the journey #shoes ,” posted Octopizzo on Instagram.

It is not lost to many the story of rags to riches of Octopizzo thus when the rapper posted it, the reactions came thick and fast.

@LarryMadowo @OCTOPIZZO venye watu watakuja kesho k.I.C.C wakiskia Octo atapeana shoes #tttt pic.twitter.com/nKi8YEDKjn

— CHEMNG'OREM MERCY (@ChemngoremMercy) August 7, 2015

This is now real hip hop,“I Hate Kenyan Women Who wear dead people’s hair,Really? don’t you wear dead animal shoes? @OCTOPIZZO @KHALIGRAPH

— TETEMESHA (@opipimusic) November 19, 2015

#MusicMatters254 @OCTOPIZZO Flaunts His Ksh. 59,012 Worth Pair Of Shoeshttps://t.co/c1WvGoeICq

— Biggest Kaka (@TheBiggestKaka) May 23, 2016