She was smooth in her conversation

A woman who recorded her phone conversation talking to her husband (or appearing to be ) has gone viral.

 The lady who speaks in Swahili dialect has sparked reactions following her humble appeal to husband to help her with a few things that she needed.

Is this how to ask for money from your husband?  One of our readers asked.  Some men comparing her to Kenyan women said that when this happen with "our women here it would either be that they have done something sinister; is about to kill his man or the apocalypse is around the corner.”

 But women argued: Can’t women just be nice to their men without any specific need attached? The answer was an emphatic no by most of the men who commented on the video.

“Ile siku nitaongeleshwa hivi  Siwezi kula, I will not drink..I might be poisoned,“ one reader said in hilarious post.

“Nikiambiwa hivi kilasiku nitahakikisha nyumbani narudi mapema sana kila siku One man would say in a quick rejoinder

“Maneno ndio haya, nimeanza kufanya rehearsal!” A lady agreed.

 We sampled a few of those comments

Kenyan women be like: Hiyo pesa umewacha unataka nipanguze nazo vikombe?

“Watoto wako wako kwa giza, utatuma pesa ya tokens ama?

I wish all women could be like this woman, i think these such words can reduce Domestic Violence

Hati daddy,si uliacha daddy yako nyumbani?????

Oooooh.........mapenzi reloaded. Huyu anaweza kujiexpress??? Hahahaha....

Huyo hawezi aki, ati tafadhali mume wangu mpenzi, naomba nikuteteshe, uliniyonitendea jana Hayakunifurahisha, sina raha kabisa baba.... nani, naomba usirudie tena mpenzi?!!! Wah,

One would tag her man with “expect this very soon. Naanza practice SAA hii” of which he replies  “dont you dare”.

The conversation goes on: “I know your first question would be "what do you want?" of which he finishes “Oooh you know me like a book”