Esther Kazungu and husband had a wedding that only cost them Ksh 60K (Photo: Courtesy)

When it comes to weddings most take the ‘go big or go home’ route and not a shilling or sweat is spared to make this day special.

From the theme, flowers, cars to the venue, everything is planned to precision, for luxury and as pompous as possible in farewell of singlehood.

While most prefer to splash money on this big day, for others luxury may not be an option and instead they opt for a civil marriage or like most like to call it “AG weddings.”

Recently Kenyan comedienne Esther Kazungu and her husband made headlines when they had a civil marriage and the total wedding cost only 60K.

A lot of Kenyans were taken a back with most praising the two for having their dream wedding and not an exorbitant event bowing from pressure.

While we openly talk about civil marriages and how many people are opting for them instead, just how much do we know about civil marriages?

First off it is important to note that Kenya recognizes five systems of marriage that is civil, Christian, customary, Hindu and Islam.

Talking of civil marriages, in Kenya they are conducted by the Registrar of Marriages, Deputy County Commissioners or Assistant County Commissioners.

Now before you plan a civil marriage you need to specify whether it is under a notice or a special license.

For the former, where most Kenyans fall, you will place a 21-day notice before the marriage can take place and both parties must be present when filling the notice form.

On the big day, you will need to carry your valid identification cards or passports (a copy and the original), coloured passport photos and death certificate if widowed or divorce decree.

This marriage will cost you KSh 3900.

For those who will be applying for the special license (unable to give a 21-day notice) if they are both Kenyans, they will need to have their valid identification cards or passports, birth certificates in each case a copy and original and sufficient proof that they are not married.

Also coloured passport photos and a documented reason to show why they can’t wait for 21 days and both parties should appear before the registrar when applying.

This will cost them a fee of Ksh 9700.

For those marrying a Foreign national, all the above requirements will be the same only that one of the partners will have to produce a return air ticket/visa/work permit.

The marriage fee will be Ksh 9700 and Ksh 16700 for a garden wedding.

Also if two foreigners wish to tie the knot in Kenya, they will also have to provide all the necessary documents above with the extra return air ticket, Visa or work permit as well.

The charges will be Ksh 9700 and Ksh 16700 for a garden wedding.

Source: Office of the Attorney-General, Kenya/ Facebook