Even if your job survives the ordeal, imagine the awkwardness of reporting to your former beau

It is ill-advised to become romantically involved with a workmate and that’s why some companies have policies and guidelines against workplace romance.

However, clandestine flings at the office are not entirely unheard of. After all, you spend the better part of your day with these people, so developing romantic feelings for a coworker isn’t all that inconceivable.

Dating a coworker with whom you are at the same rank is a lot easier than getting involved with someone like your boss.

Even though an affair with your boss may not necessarily be wrong, it can prove to be very dicey.

Here is what you need to keep in mind if you are going to date your boss:

Keep it under wraps Needless to say, not everybody will be wild with excitement about your new found love. It is natural for coworkers to assume you are receiving preferential treatment. Any raise or promotion will be attributed to your involvement, no matter how much you merit it.

That is why it is of utmost importance to keep your relationship under wraps as much as possible.

It might be tempting to flaunt your relationship. After all, there is a certain kind of pride that comes with being the one who got the ‘spread sheet’ from the occupier of the corner office. Resist the temptation. Weigh the opportunity cost

Screwing your boss could be a career-ending move.  The moment your relationship heads for ‘splitsville,’ one of you might end up making peace with inflation and chances are, it is not going to be the boss.

Even if your job survives the ordeal, imagine the awkwardness of reporting to your former beau. It is not fun. Weigh the opportunity cost. To be on the safe side, you should change jobs or switch departments so that you don’t directly report to your ex flame.

No PDAs please Whoever said you should not mix business with pleasure knew what the hell he was talking about. I know office quickies and make-out sessions in the lift could be quite a thrill. However, any physical contact should be kept on the down-low.

Do not do anything that might tarnish your professional reputation with Public Display of Affection (PDA).


Be a pro All relationships have their own troubles and woes. A relationship with your boss will be under a lot of pressure. Issues like jealousy will be a hell lot harder to deal with.

How do you react if you notice the boss paying a little more attention to a new babe in the office? While at the office, you do absolutely nothing! Suck it up and wait till you can discuss it in private. You can’t afford to act out. And should you get into a fight, you still have to be civil with the boss when you are in the office.

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