The effort we put into our relationships does not only determine how long they last but also how healthy they stay (Shutterstock)

It is common that after dating someone for quite some time we start forgetting some important details. We get comfortable and assume that because we are used to each other, we don’t have to do some things anymore. We forget that relationships need work irrespective of the duration it has lasted.

The effort we put into our relationships does not only determine how long they last but also how healthy they stay. Being with one person over a couple of years can be draining and boring and you need find ways of making it exciting, as they say, keep the fire burning.

The temptation to just relax since you are together anyway isn’t really the way to go as it can kill the fire and ultimately end the relationship. There are incidences where couples break up because they got bored of each other or they say that the other person changed over the years and are no longer playing their roles as supposed.

One way or another, we need to take responsibility for our relationships. Since relationships are hard and require effort, sacrifice and compromise from both parties involved, it’s important to reflect on things that will ensure growth of the relationship. Remember, you both need to be in it for it to work out.

Below are some relationship tips you and your partner shouldn’t forgot.


Being together for years does not mean that your partner can read what is in your mind. If something does not make you happy tell them. Learn to communicate because this will help reduce misunderstandings in the relationship. Don’t assume things because you think your partner knows you or you know them too well.

Have fun

Having been together for a long time doesn’t mean you should stay indoors all day every day. You can schedule time for dates and other fun activities as this is a great way of creating new memories and rekindling the spark. Go on dates, dress up and go to the club together, and be silly together. Being in a relationship doesn’t have to be all serious.

Give each other space

We all love spending time with our partners but it’s important to respect their ‘me’ time. Give them freedom to just enjoy their own time without interfering. This will help them clear their minds, relax and meditate.

 Remember, you both need to be in it for it to work out (Shutterstock)
Give them freedom

A relationship is not a life sentencing. Allow your partner to spend time with their family and friends without you having to be there. Let them enjoy doing activities they love without your interference. You might not like playing the PlayStation or going for book clubs but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t do it.


Coming clean is very hard because it might have severe consequences but it’s important. This is a great way of ensuring that there is trust in the relationship. Apologize sincerely and avoid repeating the same mistake again as this is one of the surest ways of building a strong bond in your relationship.

Forgive and let go of the past

Relationships are not always smooth and being together for long doesn’t necessarily mean it gets smoother. Holding grudges is one of the reasons relationships fail. You don’t need to remind your partner what they did five years ago every time they make a mistake; it’s exhausting for the two of you. Get over it and let them be.

Take interest in their interests

Yes, discussing cars or makeup might not be your cup of tea but it doesn’t mean you should dismiss your partner when they talk about it. Join your partner for one of the football games or one wine tasting event. You don’t have to attend every time but attending a couple of times will make them feel important to you.

Don’t take each other for granted

Being with someone for years can make you feel like you don’t need to put effort in the relationship. You need to reassure your partner about your commitment and tell them that you love them, appreciate them and make them feel good.

Show them love and affection always. Don’t just wait for your anniversary or Valentine’s Day. Don’t assume because you have been together for years, they have to do the things they do for you and appreciate every little did and effort they make for you.