Not being in a romantic relationship with a woman doesn't mean you wont be sexually attracted to her (Shutterstock)

Nowadays, the dating field is way freer and more and more ladies are coming out and openly shooting their shots with intentions of landing the men they are interested in. While it is normal to have a crush, problems arise when they (crushes) don’t share the same feelings leaving the attraction one-sided.

Handling someone with a crush on you can be quite challenging. They are going to feel unwanted if you don’t treat them the way they want you to, worse is if they are close friends. There is some creepy way that crushing takes away one’s sense of maturity, especially when it comes to handling situations involving those they are crushing on. In other words, before you get overzealously judgy, you need to understand them (those crushing on you) and take it upon yourself to take care of the matter.

First off, you need to make it clear with them that in as much as they might be your good friend, you have no intentions of making them your partner. Let them understand that you are glad to have them as a friend and that they are more valuable to you as a friend than as a partner.  While at it, try to make them comfortable about themselves.

The other thing you might need to do is to maintain casual interactions with them. Truth is, giving her the usual mild attention won’t be enough for her but you need to have that in control. Find a good way to bring the attention down to a level where it is friendly but not overt.

If you are genuinely disinterested in having a relationship with her, then you have to let your actions portray the same. If the two of you are friends, and decide to remain friends, you have to stay within the confines of friendship. Avoid anything that could result in misinterpreted signals or intention to be more than just a friend to her. In other words, you should ensure that there are no mixed signals between you two.

While at it, you can try and make her understand that there is someone appropriate for her out there who will come to her life and accept her and be the partner she wants.

Don’t get detached from her. Appreciate her feelings but admit that you are not capable of reciprocating them. Steer clear of all the potential problems brought about by one-sided affection and skillfully declare your disinterest. Find a respectful way to make her understand that she shouldn’t depend on you. Hopefully, she’ll gradually understand.

As a man, the last thing you want is to convince yourself that all is well from your end. You might not be interested in her romantically yet be overly attracted to her to permit a casual friendship between you two. If this is the case then you might have to consider getting out. Refusing to be in a romantic relationship with a woman doesn’t mean you won’t find yourself getting sexually attracted to her.

Also, being friends with someone you find sexy and who is clearly into you only increases your chances of getting carried away an ending up pursuing a sexual relationship you never intended to be part of. Having sex with your crush while you are clearly not interested in having a relationship with her is essentially taking advantage of her as she is obviously interested in more than just sex.


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