UK:  He eats three boxes of Magnums a day and cannot walk, wash or dress himself.

Now 65-stone Carl Thompson has been awarded the dubious honour of Britain's fattest man.

He took the title from postman Paul Mason, who dropped from around 70-stone to 22-stone after having a gastric band fitted.

As well as consuming vast quantities of ice cream, Mr Thompson thinks nothing of devouring an entire loaf of bread smothered in a whole jar of jam at one sitting.

He can average up to 10,000 calories a day, four times more than recommended for a man of his age.

The 32-year-old, who admits he "eats anything", has put on 30 stone since 2012 when his mother died.

Unable to walk, wash or dress himself, Mr Thompson has not left his basement flat in Dover for more than a year.

He has to be cared for by a team of NHS workers.

Mr Thompson said his huge size means he can no longer walk and finds it impossible to find any clothes to fit him.

Having been admitted to hospital for heart attacks and septicemia in recent years, he is facing death unless he drastically changes his diet.

He is determined to shed the pounds, but says he does not want gastric band surgery because it is "too dangerous".

He said: "I could die, that's the bottom line if I keep going the way I do."

Mr Mason, 54, was labelled the world’s fattest man, before dropping down to 22st after having a gastric band fitted in 2010.

It left him with debilitating flaps on his legs and torso, which were removed earlier this week after he moved to America.

Earlier this week 60 stone Georgia Davis, 22, who was once Britain's fattest teenager had to be airlifted out of her home in Aberdare, south Wales.

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