Five tips to help you organise a Christmas party to remember

By Esther Muchene | Fri,Dec 24 2021 11:30:00 EAT

 There is a lot that goes into organising a party worth talking about (Photo: Courtesy)

Christmas parties are an integral part of the December festivities. It’s a way of coming together to give thanks for making it through the year and it helps us all ignore all the usual anxieties of everyday life.

While many of us have attended countless Christmas parties, few actually manage to pull off a fabulous party if we’re being honest here. There is a lot of planning that goes into organizing a party and more specifically, one that people will live to remember.

Planning a party during this season can be a tough task but it doesn’t have to be an extremely overwhelming situation.

This is how you can host the perfect festivity party this year:

  • Set the date early

Planning a Christmas party often gets complicated especially since it’s difficult to pick a convenient date. December is usually fully booked because people have other parties they plan to attend and others are on their way to a family holiday which makes it hard to pick a date.

To make things easier, you should let others know the specific date in advance so that they clear their schedules. This will give you a rough idea of how many people will attend and guide you on what budget to work with.

 Always ensure there is enough to eat and variety as well (Photo: Courtesy)
  • Communicate on chipping in

Planning a party doesn’t mean that you have to be the one paying for everything. If you’re having a charity Christmas party, an office party or any other type of event where contributions are needed, you need to let your guests know early.

Communicate on the price of tickets if you will have different price ranges or let them know that they need to chip in beforehand, to avoid any inconveniences.

  • Start organizing in good time

Planning any party can be a nerve wrecking experience because you never want to be responsible for a backfired event.

When it comes to a Christmas event, you need to be more eager to plan things on time because last minute planning will only lead to disappointments.

Figure out a plan for food, drinks and venue bookings on time in case you’re having a grand party this year.

 Keep everyone entertained with dancing and music (Photo: Courtesy)
  • Sort out the entertainment

A party is never complete without good entertainment. You definitely don’t want your guests getting bored to a point where they would rather leave and go home.

For a memorable event, think of what kind of music everyone would enjoy and maybe throw in some games if your crowd doesn’t mind fun activities.

Also, remember to organize activities to keep the kids busy as well.

  • Select a party theme

Christmas celebrations are always blended with the concept of a party theme. You want your guests to have an amazing experience that is not like any other typical event.

Your theme could align with an elegant party where you let your guest know they should come ready to slay in classy outfits or have a touch of comedy by holding an ugly Christmas sweater party for instance.

Let your theme flow with what your guests would enjoy to make the party more interesting.

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