The unusual choice could result in a high-earner (Image: Getty)

The colour of your baby's nursery could have an influence on their personality and even their future bank balance.

That's according to nursery furniture experts at moKee, who say the way you decorate your little one's room could shape their traits and affect how successful they will be as they grow up.

As parents move away from the tradition of simply picking between blue and pink, moKee has analysed the different options for your little one's room colours and what it means for their future prospects, as reported by The Sun.


It may seem like an odd choice, but it can be used to striking effect in larger nurseries with lots of natural light if used sparingly and mixed with lighter tones.

If you took the bold step of using black, the good news is the experts say the colour is the most likely to produce a millionaire.

Black 'inspires power' and is linked with developing a little business leader.

 A career in medicine could await babies with a blue room (Image: Getty)


A more traditional choice, warm and bright shades of blue promote calmness, inspiring your bundle of joy to stay cool under pressure.

Children surrounded by blue enjoy looking after people, so they may grow up to become a doctor or nurse.


Similar to blue, pink offers loving feelings as well as calmness, making it a wise choice if your baby is known for throwing a wobbly.

The feel-good factor could develop a loving adult who's keen to work in the charity sector.


If you want a cheerful baby then go with yellow - but bright sunshine yellow should be used with caution.

Fans of yellow often enjoy living and working outdoors, meaning your child could choose to become a farmer or gardener.

 Grey is a common choice (Image: Getty)


Growing in popularity, grey is a great neutral colour to compliment with bold furnishings.

It's associated with intuition and introspection, making it a good option for budding writers and poets.


Helping evoke neutrality, your child will likely be able to see both sides of an argument and keep a cool head - setting them up to become a judge or lawyer.

MoKee warns parents that the inevitable stains that come with little ones will show up more on white.

 Green could see your little one become a teacher (Image: Getty)


Green encourages learning, so be prepared for your offspring to follow a career in education.

It's nurturing, soft and calm, helping your baby feel relaxed yet engaged with their surroundings.


Be careful with this colour as it can instill a taste for luxury in a baby.

A strong shade has been linked with royalty and is often linked to creativity, so a profession in marketing or creative writing could beckon.


Working perfectly as an accent, such as a statement wall, red evokes emotion and passion.

It could set up your child for life on the stage, such an actor, dancer or artist.


Again better used as an accessory, the colour will create a warm, cosy feel.

It promotes feelings of wellness and can develop friendly and calm traits, suited for a profession in therapy or working with children.

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