Three-day long tours entailing frequent changes of clothes, public appearances and even formal dinners is obviously not a dream scenario for any pregnant woman. Well, a look at Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle’s recent royal tour of Morocco reveals just how much she is proud of her pregnancy. It would be normal if she chose to stay back during expeditions, especially after a flight from London less than 48 hours earlier, but the duchess opted to jump in a helicopter for a flight deep into the Atlas Mountains, you would even forget she is seven months pregnant!

Her trip details and itinerary aside, one thing stood out during the tour- her princess look. No doubt the Duchess has had many stylish moments, her finely tuned wardrobe during the trip to Morocco is indeed among her finest inclusions.

On her first day in Morocco, Sunday 23rd Feb, she wore a stunning Dior gown worth about Sh.12 million for an evening reception with the British Ambassador in the North African country. She donned her designer look to join husband, Prince Harry, for the reception hosted at the ambassador’s residence.

The Duchess of Sussex dazzled in the sweeping Dior gown that paired she paired it up with similarly magnificent accessories topped up with her signature updos.

 The Duchess looking gorgeous in a bespoke Dior gown for the ambassador’s reception, said to be worth about Sh12 million (£90,000) if one could buy it

The 37-year-old mum-to-be looked dazzling in the custom crystal-embellished cream gown and she teamed it up with diamond rings and a satin clutch, also by Dior. The Birks ‘Snowstorm’ earrings she wore are worth a whooping Sh. 920, 000.