Anne Kiguta [Courtesy]

Joining the world in marking Father’s Day, beautiful TV anchor Anne Kiguta took to social media to wish her baby daddy a Happy Father’s Day.

She shared a picture of Jomo Gecaga carrying their twins, and captioned it “Happy Father’s Day.”

The two then lit up the comments section as they exchanged pleasantries with Jomo expressing his respect for the mother of his children.

 Anne and Gecaga [Courtesy]

The two took it a notch higher when Anne commented that Kenyan parents are to blame for calling their spouses mummy and daddy thus confusing their kids. Jomo asked who her ‘daddy’ was and she cheekily replied that it was him:

annekigutaLol @jomogecaga I don’t think @mosesambani2 can be helped ???? ????but Kenyan parents we are to blame for calling each other mummy and daddy... ????????lizmaasai??

jomogecaga@annekiguta sorry then whose your Daddy ????

annekiguta@jomogecaga ????

Ann and Jomo have a daughter and a son together. With much about their relationship kept in secret, it is not clear whether the two are staying together with their children or co-parenting.

Jomo is nephew and the personal secretary to President Uhuru Kenyatta.