A house help cleaning
Cases of married men sleeping with house helps are not alien to us.  Even if this trend does not make it to the media daily, it still happens. This is a trend that has led to a lot of broken marriages in our society.

Here are some top reasons why married men cheat with the house helps:

If the madam of the house denies them sex, then they can seek pleasure elsewhere, the maid comes across as an easy lay. The house help does most chores that involve squatting and bending. If the man of the house is around and they see this, then they start thinking with the smaller head. We all know how this ends. The maid does basically everything especially if the madam is a career woman. The ‘mboch’ cooks, serves and even irons the clothes of the mister. Men are attracted to ‘homely’ women. These women are often young, single, struggling with financial issues, and the men of this house can use this to lure them. Some men derive pleasure from sleeping with vulnerable people. Most often the house helps come across as vulnerable. The man is a born cheat and he just can’t keep his zip closed. Some men are just risk takers. A risk taker sees an opportunity, grabs it and runs with it despite the consequences. Therefore, some men sleep with their house helps to satisfy their adventurous side.