While the concept may be new to Africa,European women have been using female urination devices for years. Photo:Courtesy

Female urination device, sometimes called FUD: A pretty new concept in the African set up has hit the market in South Africa.

The device enables women to attend to short calls of nature while standing upright; simply put, it makes it possible for women to use ‘male urinals’ effortlessly!

The brain child behind this interesting invention has the following motto for its creation:  the way to stand up to crowded, disgusting, distant or non-existent bathrooms.

Hold your horses, men; it is not a strategy by female gender activists to bring ‘equality’ up to the washrooms, but rather a move to ensure women’s hygiene is by all means looked into.

How the device works

The lady lowers her panties, puts the device against her body; forming a seal. She can then aim and well, pee! Pretty simple like that.

The device fits into a lady’s purse, pocket or glove compartment. The hygiene is definitely something to be debated.

While the concept may be new to Africa, European women have been using female urination devices for years.

They are mostly used for outdoor pursuits, and for medical reasons.

For sports and recreation they are sold for camping, travelling, festivals, long car journeys, and any kind of outdoor pursuit where toilet facilities are absent or less than desirable.

Since 2005, different brands of the devices have been introduced into the market; they include: GoGirl, PStyle, SheWee, Whiz Freedom, and urinelle.

The device goes for Sh970 ($9.99) in the South African market.

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