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My hair is thick and I hated it for years. I had all kinds of hassle dealing with it, especially when I was in high school and we were not allowed to use chemicals on our hair. I have now learnt how to live with it. If you are in a similar situation, hating your thick hair, here is some insight into secrets of maintaining such hair.


Thick hair tends to frizz, making it even more unmanageable. Be patient. When you wash it, blow dry it until it dries completely. Thick hair takes longer to dry, even an hour. A light hold spray will help keep it intact.

Right tools:

 It may be difficult to find a type of comb or brush that can handle thick hair. Invest in a high-powered blow dryer and take it with you whenever you travel. The right tools can make all the difference. A boar bristle brush is ideal as it is tough.

Don’t go too short:

If you cut your hair short, it may become insanely difficult to care for. If you have relaxed it and want to keep it short, go for a pixie haircut.


 Never use volumising shampoo or a mousse. Use the right product for your hair, such as a clarifying shampoo and conditioner. Always have a set of anti-frizz products.


Women with thick hair rock braids way better than those with thin, limp hair. When the hair overwhelms you, braid it.


Dividing your hair in sections when washing or styling will make it more manageable. Tackling the entire head at one go will make it easier to tangle and you will also miss attending to all parts of the hair. Apply any product in chunks to give all your strands equal attention. Style in sections from top to bottom or side to side.

Don’t economize products:

Always ensure you apply enough of a product to your hair once you find the right ones for your hair. This means you always must have stock of the products. It is an expensive but worthwhile habit.

Detangling roots:

 It is hard for thick hair to lie flat without being all over the place. It is important to detangle it from the roots upward. When combing, go all the way to the scalp, otherwise, you are doing yourself a serious disservice.

A wide tooth comb will help remove the tangles. This way, you control the volume of the hair on top, and manage your hair as you style it into your favourite look.

Blow dryer:

 Even as you use your high-powered blow-dryer to dry your hair, remember that too much heat is not good for your hair. Choose a dryer that has the option of cool and hot air so that you can control it.


 Do not wash your hair everyday if it is natural. Thick hair has the least amount of oils. Washing it strips it of the natural oils. The advantage of thick hair is that you can survive longer before washing it; once a week is sufficient. Your shampoo and conditioner should be labelled as ‘Moisturizing’ as this will restore moisture in the hair.


Ensure your hair is completely dry before you sleep. When you have thick hair, sleeping on it wet will cause it to mat and tangle; making it difficult to handle in the morning.