You don't have to visit a nail salon to fix a broken nail (Image: Shutterstock)

Breaking a nail at home can be one of the most frustrating things. You can neither rush to the nail salon on short notice nor miss your appointments.

Although it may seem like an impossible task, you can actually fix your nail at home on your own.

First, you need to get rid of the base coat or polish, then thoroughly wash your hands using soap and warm water then dry them off.

Next, rub some alcohol on that specific finger nail so as to get rid of excess oil and also to disinfect it just in case.

Once done, use any of these four methods to fix your nail:

Fingernail glue method

Apply a little amount of nail glue where the nail broke off, spread the glue using a brush so it can cover your whole nail.

Next, press the broken piece of nail onto the area that it broke off from until it stays attached. This could take a minute or so.

Clean out any extra or spilled off glue using a cotton ball then smoothen out the nail using a buffer.

Apply clear nail polish as a base coat. Let it dry then apply your desired nail polish color and you are good to go.

Baking Soda method

First apply nail glue on the broken area of the nail. Using a nail file spread the glue over the broken area and make sure it gets into the cut.

Sprinkle some baking soda onto the nail focusing on the area covered with glue. Alternatively, you could dip your nail in baking soda.

Wipe out excess baking powder using a soft brush. Then smoothen the area using a buffer and even out the edges of the nail as well.

Repeat this process until you get a natural look on your fingernail.

 Always remember to file your nails to even out surfaces (Image: Shutterstock)
Tea bag method

Empty the tea bag contents and cut out a strip from the tea bag enough to cover the entire nail.

Next cover the entire nail with glue and then place the tea bag strip on the wet Nail. Lay the strip on the nail gently using your hands

Apply a second coat of glue on top of the strip and let it dry off. Smoothen the nail surface using a buffer

Apply clear polish as a base coat. Let it dry then apply desired colored polish.

Tape method

Using a wrapping tape or scotch tape, cut out a piece enough to cover the broken part of the nail

Attach the tape to the broken area of the nail using a pair of tweezers. Make sure it is fixed firmly to the nail by pressing it down gently.

Apply clear nail polish on the whole nail as an undercoat.

Leave it out to dry then apply any other desired colored nail polish. Preferably one similar to the other nails.

Tip: For a chipped off nail, cut it to a leveled length using a nail cutter then smoothen out using a buffer.