Jua Cali [Courtesy]

Kenyan musician Paul Julius Nunda better known by his stage name Jua Cali has a word of advice to the upcoming artistes in the country on how they can make money. According to the Bidii Yangu hitmaker, one cannot expect to earn a lot of money from performances when they only have one song to their name.

Speaking at an interview, the Genge legend went on to challenge upcoming artistes to put more effort in their craft and strive to have at least three songs.

The renowned musician who has made a fortune from corporate deals and other endorsements added that one has to be patient and consistent before things fall into place.

“If you want to make money from live performances, normally lazima ukuwe na mziki tatu ama nne kwenda juu, to at least perform for like thirty minutes. Msanii mwenye ako na mziki moja, atalipwa pesa ya mziki moja, you have to be patient and consistent. Fans, promoters and corporate are always watching,” he said.

On the supposed cartels that call the shots in entertainment circles, Jua Cali rubbished those claims, reiterating that there is no shortcut to success.

“Cartel ni illusion yenye artiste ame-create, human beings wanapenda kurusha blame. The only way an artiste will reap the benefits is through his/her hard work, consistency…at which rate are you releasing good songs?” he asked.


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Attributing his success in music to releasing relatable songs, Jua Cali went on to challenge other artistes to come out of their comfort zone and create masterpieces that their audiences can relate to.

“Secret ni very simple, I sing and rap the way you talk…my music has been very relatable, I’m seen in you and I’m seen in the common mwananchi, mimi ni ambassador wa the Kenyan culture, just work hard and be very patient and the money will find you,” he added.