Socialite Shakilla. (Courtesy)

She comes out bold and corny at the same time. Since she came on the limelight, she has been known to engage in all manner of shenanigans and controversy seems to court her everywhere she goes.

The infamous socialite came into the limelight after an interview with known vlogger Xtian Dela.  Shortly afterwards she went live with Canadian Rapper Tory Lanez in Quarantine Radio, with her clothes off.

Since, she has seized any opportunity to create attention around herself and somehow it works to her advantage.

Most trolls go ham on her as she continues to up her ante in streets antics. And as it seems she is not stopping anytime soon.

Barely weeks after complaining none of her male followers on social media have expressed interest in dating her, and swearing by the moon she would never date a Kenyan man, Shakilla is now on a mission to find herself a man.

She recently took to IG where she posted her Tinder verified account and captioned that all she wanted to do was find herself a man by all means.