Walter Mong’are has now hinted at joining active politics [Courtesy]

Three weeks after resigning from his lucrative Director of Youth and Development in the Office of the President post, Walter Mong’are has now hinted at joining active politics.

The former comedian, composer, singer and bandleader as well as political strategist had been in government for nine years before announcing his departure on February 8.

Speaking to Standard Entertainment today February 28, Mong’are, who was part of the Vijana Tugutuke Campaign in 2006, said he is about to make an announcement that could change the political landscape of the country, “especially on matters youth”.

The comments come barely a week after Mong’are held a consultative meeting with top creatives in the country and youth leadership forums from across the regions, where speakers referred to him as "Mr President".

“I will be making a serious announcement on the way forward, in terms of the political direction I will be taking and the vehicle I will be using towards the August 9 polls. I strongly believe that I will be representing a new unique agenda. Having made consultations with key stakeholders who believe in this dream, I trust it is time for that change I have been dreaming about since I started acting Mr President (during the Redykyulass comical TV show). It was not just acting. I believe God was preparing me for something grand,” Mong’are said in his biggest hint that he will be joining active politics.

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He added, “I am not talking about joining already existing parties or plugging into already existing political blueprints. No. I am talking of bringing in a new wave that will swing our political thinking in a totally different way. The political space needs a fresh voice and a new dimension, especially because this is a youthful nation that needs the real third liberation.” 

Asked if he was launching a new political party or running for the presidency, Mong’are remained caged.

“In a few days, all those questions will be answered. There is an entire army out there waiting to act after I make this announcement. Besides, let me say that having worked in the Office of the President has contributed to my passion to help create a better Kenya.

This time around, we want to make this voice of change right from the top. It is rather clear to everyone that I am running for a political office and yes, forget I, the Mr President in Redykyulass. Running for the real presidency is now a big option,” he said.