Diana Marua and Bahati [Courtesy]

Kenyan singer Bahati has responded to naysayers who recently accused him of chasing clout after he gifted his wife Diana Marua a fully furnished house estimated to be worth Sh27million and a LandCruiser Prado TX Sh9million.

Taking to Instagram, Bahati acknowledged that he comes from a poor background but he has been immensely blessed over the years and he will keep sharing the little he has.

“To those who are doubting that God can bless a poor boy from the slums let me confirm this, yes I am a boy from Mathare slums and to those that believe God can raise a man from poverty to glory, May God do it for you too in Jesus name.

Adding: “The God who raised me is faithful to bless anyone.”

Diana also weighed in on the matter, urging Bahati to continue proving people wrong.

“Amen my baby!!! Prove them wrong. From grass to grace, you are highly favoured,” she wrote.


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Two days ago, Bahati took to social media to celebrate Diana for being her ‘earthly pillar and backbone’.

Describing it as a ‘small Valentine’s gift’, Bahati asked Diana to take her fans on a tour of the home and asked to prepare to move in.

“I have bought another small valentines gift for my wife just to celebrate her for being my earthly pillar and backbone. I  love you babe…I request you to show our fans the inside to see how a king should furnish a palace for her queen…I'm glad you've loved it mama watoto; its fully furnished! now prepare to move in,” he wrote.

A number of celebrities took to the comment section to congratulate the couple on their latest achievement although some netizens were far from convinced.

DkKwenyeBeat: Congratulations My people

Kambua: Ah Baha

Lucy Natasha: Congratulations

Trizian: Nyumba yenu mnaambiwa don't step on the grass

Mercylyn Lenah: Maliza kupiga picha mtoke kwa nyumba ya wenyewe 

 Bahati and Diana Marua [Courtesy]