Bread [Photo: Courtesy]

Uproar has greeted the suspension of a student from Muhoho High School in Gatundu South after he allegedly stole a loaf of bread from the dining hall.

The school deputy principal sent the Form Three student home last Thursday.

But what angered Kenyans on social media was a requirement for the student to buy 1,000 loaves of bread as punishment. The suspension letter seen by The Standard said the loaves would feed all the students in the school.

The student was also required to clear his outstanding fees before he could be re-admitted.

“You are required to accompany him to the school soonest possible having cleared all the school levies and all the school fees and also come with enough loaves of bread for all students in the school,” read the letter addressed to his parents.

With a loaf of bread currently retailing at Sh50, the student would need Sh50,000 to fulfil the re-admission condition.

Kenyans described the punishment as too drastic.

“The punishment is too hard for the parents. The money needed to buy the bread does not equal the wrong done,” wrote Mercie Curie on Facebook.

Ciiko Shikus said while she did not advocate for stealing, the punishment was too harsh on the parents.

Winnie Kathuri said the school was only punishing the parent, not the offender.

But others, including Stellie Mariah, supported the school decision.

“If you do not teach your child manners, you face the consequences as a parent.”

Another Facebook user, Lynn Mwikali, said the punishment would deter other students from similar offences.