Osogo Winyo in Orange  with Tony Nyadundo

PICS: Willis Awandu ( Osogo Winyo in Orange) second picture with Tony Nyadundo and ex pianist Odero

More than a year after parting ways with his long term talented pianist Joseph Odero popular Ohangla star John Okinyo popularly known as Osogo Winyo continues to soldier on besides winning the hearts of many music fans locally and beyond.

Once dubbed the reigning biggest Ohangla musician a few years back owing to his hits like Agen’go, Mela Nyakodongo, and Wan ji Ariyo albums among others, Osogo says it was a matter of time before he bounced back in the game.

During the time rumors of him having quit music as a result of dwindled misfortunes spread across the country like bushfire with many of his fans wondering what happened and what he is up to?

But today, the seemingly unmoved Osogo has proved his critics wrong.

“ I have not quit music, my fans should know that I am still very much in the game,” he says.

To prove his intent  popular musician  has just released a number of new singles that have been well received locally and beyond besides staging various shows across the country.

 “ It was just a matter of time before I bounce back in the game. The fact that bi do not stage frequent shows in Nairobi – like was the case in the past does not mean that I am out and down,” he says adding that music is a long journey which requires patience, adequate time and observation in order to succeed and remain relevant in the game.

The musician who acquired new pianists Aniko Wycliff and Freddy to replace Odero his lead pianist of ten years who he often referred to as a brother says that despite breakup which came a shocker owing to the fact that they were inseparable buddies joint by the hip they remain friends.

“The fact that he has formed his own band Odero Chopper is a sign that he is doing well and I am happy for him. I wish him the best and that he has his blessings,” says Osogo who has been busy staging shows within various parts of Nyanza as the lead singer including Mombasa and Tanzania.

Asked about the break up….

Osogo who recently released his Volume Five video album explains that the first sign of their break up was evident during a major concert held in Mombasa’s Mamba village in early December 2014, where he was forced to perform with different musicians whom he contacted at the last minute.


He explains that on the fateful day, sometime in early December, last year he received a text message from Odero informing him that he would not make it for the event even considering that they had been given a down payment by the concerned promoter. His text message read: I am sorry to inform you that from today onwards I am no longer part of your band.


To add salt to injury he says Odero went ahead to convince all the band members to abscond the much anticipated concert that evening leaving him with no option but to settle for a few handpicked musicians who were free at the time and luckily for him all went well.

“Although initially I felt hurt by Odero’s actions but that is in the past now since he too sort my forgiveness and we still remain friends. After all, my band begun way back with Steve Wuod Alego as the main pianist before I introduced Odero into the picture. And contrary to what many believe, I am one person who is capable of working with anyone and still maintain my high standards in music,” says Osogo whose band is a registered company.

Sour grapes harboured:

According to Osogo efforts to have him and Odero reunite were in vain. This prompted him to openly declare their break up when he placed a notice on his face book page confirming that Odero was no longer his manager. Much to the chagrin of their fans for the first time the two groups were spotted staging separate shows in Homabay and Nyakach during Christmas season all through to the New Year.

While apparently Osogo the bird managed to garner many fans in Homabay, it is alleged that Odero with his panel of musicians faired moderately.

A section of fans present during both events told the Standard Digital  that their concerts sounded unusual. “All I can say is that the two complement each other well. One thing they should know is that united they stand and divided they fall.

 It is high time they learnt from the examples of fellow ohangla musicians like A Boy Landlord and Nyakwar Nyoguda who despite their fame with songs like Milly Nyarongo, sunk into an abysmal quagmire never to be heard again upon their split,” says a fan who prefers to be known as Dan.

A close source who did not want to be named revealed that the real reason behind their split is as a result of major irreversible financial differences.

“I am not aware about the issue of money between us. In any case Odero handled the band’s money as the manager besides negotiating for our concerts charges and I had no problem with it since I trusted him,” says Osogo, adding that, at some point he was forced to deal with promoters and clubs directly after they called him to complain on the band’s unusual charges which they felt were high insinuating that Odero was not flexible.


Despite this a close source reveals that although the two agreed to open up a joint account depositing large sums of money in it, Odero, felt shortchanged by Osogo judging by the manner in which the latter handled the money.

But Osogo sees this as a ploy to finish him through bad press.

“You cannot stop people from talking about you dead or alive since they will always find something to say. Like I said earlier money has never been the issue between me and Odero. To date I have never understood where the problem lies and that is why we still remain friends,” says Osogo.

Odero echoes his sentiments, insisting that despite having disagreed on certain internal band affairs but they are still in touch with each other.

“Personally I have no hard feelings towards Osogo. I felt it was time for me to move away from being living under someone’s shadow in order to do something on my own considering that I am an experienced musician,” says Odero.

So then given a chance would he work with Odero again?

“Definitely, yes, after all, he still remains my brother and friend. But even without him I can still work with anyone and maintain my standards,” he says adding that  Odero’s case should not be a major issue since he has had cases of musicians leaving him  in the past only to return back.

Osogo, a big name locally has who has staged various concerts abroad and has released four albums under his cap that are doing well. It was his emergence that pushed the once reigning king of Ohangla music Tony Nyadundo away from the limelight.