Villagers in Givogi, Vihiga County, are still reeling from shock after a seemingly randy father-in-law disgraced himself by sneaking into his married son’s bedroom and fondled his fast sleep wife with intent to raid her cookie jar.

The 60-year-old widow, surnamed Oriedo, is said to have been taking advantage of his son’s commuter marriage and spending a lot of time at his house. And as it turns out, he has been doing this eyeing the young man’s wife, only identified as Kabeyi.

Considering his son works and lives in Nairobi, the senior citizen had developed a habit of taking meals and spending his evenings at the former’s house, on the pretext of checking on his two-year-old grandson and watching TV.

The old man is reportedly in the habit of complimenting his son’s wife homemaking and culinary skills. He, however, had since taken the joke a bit too far. The daughter-in-law says, prior to this despicable act, the old man had been making flattering remarks with sexual connotations about her backside without a shred of modesty.

Fined two cocks

“He has been a big bother to me. I no longer enjoy peace and privacy in my house because he overstays his visits. Mostly, he eats super in my house and has been behaving strangely of late. He even unashamedly teases me and compliments my behind, making me very uneasy,” the woman said.

“Even when I start dozing off, he is never courteous enough to leave and let me sleep. He, instead, goes on and on with his long-winded stories,” she further laments.

Interestingly, when the startled woman reported the wayward father-in-law to her husband, he (husband) instead quarrelled and told her off. “He warned me against opening Pandora’s Box by saying such things about an old, religious and respectable man, much to my shock,” she says.

On the material day, the woman said she had had a tiring day, and wasn’t in the mood for the old man’s wearisomely verbose and boring stories.

Thus, she retired to bed with her child relatively early, leaving the old man watching TV. “I left him in the living room and asked him to notify me once he was done watching TV so I could bid him goodnight and close the door,” she says.

However, the old man reportedly walked into the woman’s bedroom later that night and began caressing her mammary glands and backside, spoiling for a ‘gland to gland’ combat. But no sooner had he began canoodling and purring sweet nothings into her ear than she jerked out of bed, screaming in shock.

“I initially thought it was my kid who was cuddling me, only to discover a hairy old man touching me inappropriately and pleading to have his way with me,” she says.

Following the alarm, neighbours made a beeline for the home, thinking it was a case of robbery only to find the half-naked man hurriedly making his way out. Had he not quickly identified himself, the angry villagers would have mistaken him for a thief and lynched him.

The old man was frog-matched to the area chief who, out of leniency because of the senior citizen’s age, didn’t want to involve police thus summoned him to appear before an elders baraza, first thing the following morning.

In his defence, the old man said he visits the woman to look after her and his grandson, but the devil had tempted him that night. He apologised and pleaded for leniency, promising to mend his ways. The elders fined him three thousand shillings and two cocks. They also sent the woman’s husband, who has now fallen out of favour with his father, a memo warning him against leaving his young wife in the village.