Harmonize and Bahati [Photo: Courtesy]

Popular gospel singer Kevin Bahati has come clean on his intentions to publicly call out celebrated Tanzanian artist Rajabu Abdul Kahali popularly known as Harmonize.

Speaking at an interview, Bahati revealed that no one sent him to Harmonize and neither did he mean to offend him.

Bahati now claims that he was just being ‘a big brother’ to Harmonize and wanted to advise him where he felt that he had crossed a line. This comes just days after Harmonize unfollowed Bahati on social media.

“I have not talked to Diamond for a while. I was advising him (Harmonize) like a brother, the same way you would spot a thing and correct me. I only wanted him (Harmonize) to make peace and leave in peace because when you do that, you go with blessings. I did not expect him to take offence,” said Bahati.

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Speaking to SnS, Bahati, denied being marshalled by one of the WCB signees or Diamond to approach Harmonize, and clarified that he was acting on his own volution.

He went ahead and revealed that he had not talked to Diamond or anyone from WCB in a long time, contrary to what reports said in Tanzania.

I was not sent by anyone. I have not even spoken to anyone from WCB lately. I don’t know anyone who can afford to send me. I have my own money,” he added.

Bahati did not shy away from revealing that the last time he spoke directly to Harmonize was a time he was in Kenya and needed his help.

“The last time I talked to Harmonize a few months ago and he was in Nairobi. He wanted some help and I was the only one who could help him out. It was around 3am when he called me and I went to the studio and then to his hotel,” Bahati added.

Less than two weeks ago, Bahati called Harmonize a coward after he unfollowed him on Instagram.

“I love you Tanzania but I just noticed Harmonize is a coward! He unfollowed me because he can’t just swallow the truth. Tell him I’m the ghetto president and from today I don’t want to hear him calling himself Tembo. I’m the Tembo,” he wrote on social media.

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It all started when he advised Harmonize to make peace with Diamond adding that the beef between the two Bongo Flava artistes was ‘silly and unnecessary’.