Prosecutor now turns to plea bargain to reduce case backlog


Head of public prosecutions in the Rift Valley region Alloys Kemo [File]

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) is rooting for plea bargain and out-of-court settlement of cases in the North rift region.

Alarmed by the congestion of prisoners and remandees at the Eldoret GK Prison amid Covid-19 pandemic, the new approach with help dispense quick justice and end congestion in prisons.

Head of public prosecutions in the Rift Valley region Alloys Kemo said this during ongoing sensitisation targeting prosecutors, government agencies, NGOs, the public and the media in the North rift region.

According to the prosecutor, the Eldoret GK Prison has about 1,800 prisoners and remandees, but the majority are the latter who have been denied bail or could not afford bail/bond.

“Majority of those in prison are remandees awaiting completion of their cases in courts. There is also a serious issue of backlog of cases and these challenges can be resolved if we embrace both the plea-bargain and diversification. We have chosen to sensitive the various agencies to see how we can implement these policies and guidelines,” said Mr Kemo.

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