Being Petite means going the extra mile when planning outfits (Shutterstock)

I am sure we all think it’s quite easy for a petite lady to just throw on anything and look beautiful without putting too much effort into it right? Well, that is not always the case.

Before we get started, who is considered a petite woman? The definition varies depending on who you are talking about. Some consider women of all body types with a height of below 5’3 as petite while others define it as simply being extremely slim or slender. For some ladies they could be both slim and short.

Regardless of your height or body type, we all just want to make a fashion statement wherever we are going. That being said, here are some fashion tips worth exploring as a petite lady:

Always wear dresses that are above the knee

This helps add length to your frame and is also an awesome way to show off your legs. You can pair this with heels, a pair of flats or your cute sandals. The dress can be body fitting or a sun dress. Whichever way, short dresses are great for all occasions when paired with the right accessories. Longer dresses and skirts are okay but they could drown your height and make you looked shorter when you don’t properly pair your pieces.

 Go for shorter dresses and always put on heels to compliment your outfit (Shutterstock)
Consider heels more often

Heels have a way of spicing up any outfit and elongating your legs. The best thing is, there is a variety when it comes to their shapes, designs and even the length of the heels. You cannot miss your ‘drug’ when it comes to selecting an amazing pair of heels. However, you shouldn't break your back in extra-long heels that you cannot walk properly in, it’s not worth the hassle.

Go for properly fitting clothes

I know for the short ladies getting a pair of jeans that’s not longer than you, and for the slim ladies getting jeans that fits properly, is a dream. But please don’t shop for smaller clothes just to get the right fit. If you have a problem finding clothes that are your exact size, this is the time to get an amazing tailor and literally stick with them. A good tailor will fit your clothes to suit your height and body. Putting on buggy clothes will only drown you and make you look smaller, while the extra small ones will make you look like you are trying too hard.

Always go for clothes that flatter your body

This is a common mistake most petite ladies make, simply putting on clothes because they fit. Just because a dress fits well or a certain trouser is your size doesn’t mean they look good on you. Understand your body. Is it your torso area that is more pronounced or your legs? Know the right places to put focus on. Merely dressing without putting your body type and shape into consideration is a mistake that can leave you looking shorter or slimmer than you really are.

 Go for prints and patterns that keep people less focused on your height or size (Shutterstock)
Wear high waist skirts and jeans

High waists create an illusion on your waist making you look curvier as opposed to low waist outfits which make you look too straight. When pairing outfits, always go for crop tops. This pair creates a boundary between the crop top and the high waist that will make you look taller than you really are. When pairing your clothes, focus more on interesting prints and patterns to distract people from your height and keep them more focused on your outfit.

Tip: Avoid chunky shoes when putting on skirts or dresses that are below your knee. They will make your legs look shorter. Opt for stilettos or a pair of heels with thin straps to create an elongated sophisticated look.