The world of reality TV has just gotten a little bit more heavenly, with the premiere of a new show “Oh Sister” featuring five local gospel stars
By Gilda Naibei Apr. 9, 2023
Lucy is a chemical engineer with soft skills in the arts, which is a combination she says blends well for her in her professional and personal life.
Obstetrician and gynaecology doctor Dr Pallavi Mishra, fondly Known as just Pallavi, is a remarkable woman. She has dedicated her life to unravelling the mysteries of infertility
Achieving Woman
By Gilda Naibei May. 14, 2023
Casual dating calls for flexibility and independence, which has become the norm as the new generation of pulsers redefine romantic relationships
By Gilda Naibei Jun. 30, 2023
Ronoh has thrived as one of the youngest influencers, achieving numerous milestones, including becoming one of the youngest radio presenters on two major radio stations
By Gilda Naibei Sep. 8, 2023
Sharlyn Kagereki has been balancing many roles since she could remember. From taking care of an ill close family member to experiencing domestic violence, she is a survivor
By Gilda Naibei Sep. 23, 2023