According to the CDC, menorrhagia, or excessive menstrual bleeding, affects around one in every five women
By Aggrey Karani Jun. 6, 2023
Have you ever wondered why that UTI infection won't just go away? What you are probably doing wrong?
Young Women
By Aggrey Karani Jun. 7, 2023
Hormones regulate several bodily systems, including metabolism, sleep cycles, reproductive cycles, sexual function, body temperature, and mood
By Aggrey Karani Jun. 15, 2023
Having painful periods is a condition called dysmenorrhoea.  It's normal to have some pain during menstruation, but some can be so severe that it affects your daily activities
By Aggrey Karani Jul. 26, 2023
Winfred Bwire, known by many as Dida from her role in the hit TV series 'Sultana' talks about her journey with cancer
"It's all about finding your place and I found mine in VDJ hosting a TV show. When it comes to my career in law, I have found my place in land matters and that is how I do it"