Guardian Angel. [Instagram]

Three months since his much-talked-about wedding with Esther Musila, award-winning gospel ace Guardian Angel is back in the public limelight preaching about mental health disorders among celebrities.

Introducing himself as a family man and a husband during the launch of the Nuhealth Medical Centre, a new rehab situated in Kitisuru, the singer admitted to seeing his friends slip into depression.

“For the longest time, I had the desire to be the top artiste in this country. By the grace of God, I got somewhere and I was still not happy. I thought getting to the top was everything but found it was nothing if I haven’t impacted other people’s lives.

“I once gave Sh10,000 to a friend of mine and 24 hours later he could not recall who gave him the money. He was once a celebrated musician but his talent wasted away due to drugs,” said Guardian.

Speaking at the same function, Francis Amisi aka Frasha urged celebrities going through depression to speak out and seek help.

The I am Frasha Foundation founder confessed that he had suffered depression and addiction before quitting alcohol. 

“When you are famous (celeb), you get everything for free but as you grow older, reality starts to dawn. Being a father, being a married man, and being in this industry can be challenging.

“These are things you never see as most hide behind social media. I am glad to be part of this campaign and at the forefront of ending all the stigma associated with mental health,” he noted as he broke down.


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