Embakasi East MP Babu Owino and Muamar Gaddafi
  • Babu Owino opens up about his personal life. He is a loving husband and a father
  • Muamar Gaddafi was my best friend and he used to finance me
  • He will be vying for Nairobi Governor then the Presidency in 2022 and 2027 respectively


Pulse: A section of critics are of the opinion that you have failed to make the transition from campus to mainstream politics?

Babu Owino: That is what I would describe as ‘dead-thinking’. I am just playing Kenyan politics the way it should be done.

Besides, it is important for them to keep in mind that we have so many intellectuals in campus. Would they also refer to these people as immature?

P: During one of your recent statements in Parliament you insinuated that KCSE and KCPE exams should be given as take-away to candidates?

BO: My point was to bring out the fact that exams can be delayed or done anywhere as long as it is a conducive environment and our children will still pass the test.


P: Why do you always walk around with a huge, some would say, gang?

BO: Everyone is entitled to their opinion and it is a good thing. My take is, at no given time will you find a violent person in the company of people who appreciate his presence.

This only shows that contrary to their judgment I am lovable.

P: Prior to vying for Embakasi East parliamentary seat you also contested for an MP seat as a second year student but lost, can we say you were second time lucky?

BO: I contested for ODM Westlands seat alongside the current MP. Despite this I was not willing to give up easily and later campaigned for Kamlesh Pattni in the billionaires ill-fated bid for the Westlands Parliamentary seat during the 2013 elections.

To me Pattni was a mentor and that is the reason I worked to popularise him across Westlands

P: Your campaigns in campus featured processions of motorbike, sports cars, road show trailers and SUVs all which rumour has it that was funded by a political party to the tune of Sh10 million?

BO: Contrary to the reports my campaigns back then were financed by the slain Libyan statesman, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi among other well-wishers.

Long ago, Libya’s late president, Muammar Gadaffi used to be my best friend, and he used to finance me. When he passed on, I was left a financial orphan and decided to look for other international friends.

However, I will not disclose who is currently financing me now that my sponsor was killed in 2011. The problem is whenever I disclose them they are killed – just like what they did to Gaddafi.

P: Is it true that you will be vying for Nairobi County Governor in 2022 and the Presidency in 2027?

BO: Why not. I am that living example, a simple youth from a humble family background who made it despite the many life obstacles that stood (in) my way.

 All I am doing is focusing on my goal; go for it, work hard at it through patience and perseverance, besides never giving up.

P: In one of your interviews with eDaily you acknowledged to enjoy chang’aa as your favourite drink...

BO: Well, perhaps it was made to sound different. All I can say is that having grown up in a humble family background in Nyalenda where my mother, the sole bread winner was forced to sell chang’aa in order to raise us, largely influenced my consumption of the brew at the time.

There were occasions when policemen would raid our house including others who specialised in that business and this saw me spend time in Kisumu’s Central Police Station.

For me this was the only means that I could use to raise school fees.

Babu with his beautiful family

P: Let us in on your personal life?

BO: I am a husband to Fridah Owino with whom we have a one-and half-year-old daughter. I met her seven years ago in campus while pursuing a degree in Actuarial Science.

She was studying for her Bachelor in Economics degree. It was love at first sight. I saw her and knew she was the one. She is beautiful, intelligent and I knew I had to get her.

After three years of dating I finally made our relationship official in small ceremony that included family members and friends. I love and respect her a lot.

Babu with his wife Fridah