Tabby Diamond.

On Tuesday night, Donald Orlando Shaw, aka Tabby Diamond, of the famed group The Mighty Diamonds, was fatally shot. Tabby Diamond was the lead singer of The Mighty Diamonds, a Jamaican reggae band.

According to reports, a shooter opened fire on a gathering of people outside a business, killing the musician. Shaw and another man were pronounced dead at the hospital, while three others were admitted with gunshot wounds.

The Mighty Diamonds released a statement confirming Tabby Diamond's passing and thanking fans for their love and support, but also requesting privacy.

The Jamaican harmony trio with strong Rastafarian influence is known for songs such as “Pass the Kouchie”, “Right Time’ and “Have Mercy”.

The group, which was formed in December 1969 in Kingston, comprised Tabby who was the lead vocalist and Harmony Vocalists, Fitzroy “Bunny” Simpson and Lloyd Ferguson.

The trio met in school in the mid-1960s and were originally known as the Limelight, but after Shaw's mother began referring to them as "The Diamonds," they changed their name to "Mighty Diamonds."


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"Right Time," their debut album, is still considered one of roots reggae's all-time classics, and "Pass the Kouchie," released in 1981, is also popular up to today.

"Pass the Kouchie", became an international hit twice, when first released, on their album ‘Changes’, and again when it was covered by Musical Youth with altered lyric to remove the drug references, and released as "Pass the Dutchie".

May the Legendary Icon Rest in Peace.