You have probably seen him in the CBD busting a move or interacted with his videos online.

The most popular one in recent weeks was one where he surprised a female Rembo Shuttle tout and later handed her a flower.

The tout was taken by surprise and almost melted at the kind gesture as passengers watched in amusement.

David Moya revealed that he initially focused on martial arts and the videos were more popular among men but he thought of trying something new to light up the mood of those who earn a living in the streets.

Speaking during an interview on a local TV station, Moya said he once danced for a fruit vendor who was so touched by his gesture that she gave him a mango.

“When I went home I felt some degree of satisfaction for being someone’s reason to smile. The video also went viral online and I thought of shooting more.

“Before Valentine’s, I had done a lot of videos and now they were becoming popular among women who were probably stressed or were not used to that kind of attention,” he said.

Moya added that many people started telling him where he could perform and whom he would surprise with his sleek moves and he got a few endorsements in the process.

“I enjoy doing the videos at the marketplace because a lot goes on there. I get lots of attention and it is a lot fun,” he said.

In a previous interview, he also mentioned how his mum has been supporting him, even joining TikTok to appreciate his talent.

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