Redemption Musiq [Photo: Instagram]

Kenyan singer Brian Juma alias Redemption Musiq has watered down claims that gospel music is on its deathbed following a lull in the industry and exit by some of its biggest stars.

Taking to his Instagram account to set the record straight, Redemption Musiq stated that he is fed up with the raging debate on how the veil of money and fame has chipped off the genre’s grit amid claims that it has morphed into showbiz, far from its mission to save souls.

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“I am tired of this talks I find myself in, that the gospel is dead. And that we are now singing for fame and money. That we have made gospel music to be business ndio maana wengine wanahama gospel. I cannot refuse that in every market you won't miss a mad man but this doesn't mean everyone is mad,” read Redemption Musiq’s post in part.

According to Redemption Musiq, while the industry has faced its share of challenges,  the gospel - in its purest form - is not dead nor has its impact faded. He reiterated that like all segments of society, differences occur but the sticking points shall not derail its mission nor shake its foundation.

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“Just because in a class other students decided to change courses or drop out of school it does not make it the class of dropouts. We cannot kill what we did not give birth to nor can we finish what we did not start. Gospel music is not dead and it will never die,” shared Redemption Musiq.

He went on to call on fellow artists to shun division and embrace creative harmony in order to keep the flame of truth alight and promote the birth of a ‘better generation of ministers’ who will inspire hope. “We are all Kenyan artistes, let's hold each other’s hands but to my fellow gospel music ministers. Let’s check our house first, a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand up. Let’s not be filled with envy or jealousy and competitions, this things will only make our kingdom to shake and not thrive,” he added.

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Redemption Musiq noted that completion is healthy and urged all that shelter in the gospel music umbrella to keep up the good fight. “We are all called to our part not to compete, you can't compete with someone you don't know there call so let's all do our part. Let’s all do our fathers will instead of competing. Let’s make a better generation of ministers. Let’s have and give hope. To every Gospel show, Dj, MC and fellow Gospel musicians let's keep up the good fight,” Redemption Musiq noted.