AY and Remy (centre) at their anniversary [Photo: Courtesy]

Veteran Tanzanian rapper AY, real name Ambwene Allen Yessayah, has denied that he split from his Rwandese wife Remy.

In an interview with Dozen of Clouds FM, AY explained that the reports of separation were baseless rumours that merited no response from him or Remy.

AY noted that he is living happily with his wife who welcomed their first child Aviel in Texas, USA, in 2018.

“The story came from nowhere," said AY.

He went on,"Were the rumours of a different person they would have probably called a press conference to take advantage of the reports and trend all over.

"With social media, anyone can say anything or misrepresent issues. It was not like that. I kept quiet, the story fizzled out and at the end of the day I am happy with my wife.”

AY and Remy at their wedding [Photo: Courtesy]

The legendary rhyme master wedded Remy on February 10, 2018, in a colourful, invite-only wedding in Kigali, Rwanda, a year after he went down on one knee to propose in South Africa.

The Rwandese-themed wedding was graced by the self-proclaimed bad boy of radio Shaffie Weru, fashion guru Fundi Frank and best friend Hamis Mwinjuma alias Mwana FA among others.

His message on their first anniversary sent a clear message on where his heart will always be.

“It’s our anniversary. One year sasa. Happy anniversary to us. I love you Mama Aviel to the Pluto and back. Tuzidi kumuomba Mungu azidi kutubariki na Mema Yake siku zote,” wrote the rapper on their anniversary.