Back in the day, Buruburu mathrees were the talk of town.

Everyone yearned to board them since they were sexy and famous for playing the latest and cool music.

However, the mathrees slowly faced stiff competition from other routes and were sort of ‘laid off’.

But with the entry of a mathree dubbed Woodini, Buru is fighting to reclaim its crown.

The mathree has adopted a different style. Instead of the kawaida graffiti synonymous with most city mathrees, Woodini spots pure art on the exterior.

On the inside, the mathree has adopted a softer feel, with cool colours and simple led lighting.

“The demand by customers for sexier mathrees inspired us to do research and finally change the look,” shares one of the crew. He added that: “Unlike the noisy nganyas that plied this route, Woodini is modest and plays soft music, and as such should appeal to the older generation.”