Bebe Cool and wife Zuena

After years of her alleged affair with late Mowzey Radio, Zuena, Bebe Cool’s wife has been forced to address the issue that has refused to die out.

Refuting any past relationship with Mowzey, the gorgeous mother of five revealed that the rumor started after the beef between her husband and the duo made up Radio and Weasel escalated.

To get back at him, she claims they wrote a song about her.

‘’Bebe was never bothered because he knows what I’m capable of. He just rubbished it off because he knew they were just making a name for themselves off his wife,” she said during a recent interview.

Speaking to Mseto Africa she confirmed that indeed the two, her and Mowzey Radio grew up in the same town of Jinja but she was never involved with the dancehall artist romantically.

To further distance herself from any connections with the late ‘Zuena’ hitmaker, she disclosed that she never knew the artist until her husband introduced him to her while at a club in Kampala.

“I’ve always heard those rumors but I didn’t have any relationship with Radio. In fact, I didn’t know Mowzey Radio until after a few months when they released their Zuena song,” she said.

Although their marriage was once rocked with infidelity, Bebe Cool confessed to having slept with another woman but after apologizing and separating for a while, Zuena forgave him.

The couple has been married for close to 16 years now.

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