I painted this painting in 2010. It demonstrates a husband and wife in love. Many marriages are let down by husbands who veer off. These are the reasons why a Husband without a vision is dangerous.

1. A husband without a vision for his marriage will cheat on his wife, betray his wife for another woman/women and not feel a thing. Such a husband is hard to deal with, his wife will try to change him but as long as he lacks a vision for the marriage, he will fall. This is why it is important for a couple to talk about their marriage often and define their marriage. A married couple ought to constantly talk about their future. What are their values? Where are they heading to? What are their plans? A man who with his wife knows where they are going will be loyal. Don't just marry, have a purpose and vision for your marriage. No man with a vision for his home, destroys it. Men are protective in nature.

2. A husband without a vision for his child/children will be a deadbeat dad. He will be the type to be absent and not bother. He will miss in action and be irresponsible, coming home late and avoiding parenthood. But a husband with a vision pays attention to his child/children. He mentors. He listens. He checks the school progress. He taps into the talent of his child/children. The wife needs to engage her husband in looking ahead, together they agree, what kind of children do we want to raise?

3. A husband without a spiritual vision will ignore prayer. He will not bother with the things of God. He will let the wife meet all the spiritual needs as he looks away. But a man with a vision goes to spiritual warfare for his family. He covers his home in prayer. He seeks a better relationship with God knowing that is what will make him a better husband and father. He loves his family to the glory of God. Wives, help your husbands to see God by being love to them. Help them nurture a relationship with God. Play worship music at home. Don't force him to be spiritual, inspire him to be so. Celebrate his spiritual growth, no matter how small.

4. A husband without a vision for his character will be easily shaped by peer pressure. He will choose the wrong friends, be easily manipulated to mistreat his wife in order to fit in and be misled. His decisions will not be his, but rather things he does to get applause. He will not stand for something but fall for anything that is trending, making multiple mistakes. He will beat his wife failing to see how stupid that is and actually justify it with masculine excuses. But a man with a vision will be very selective about who he lets close in his life, he will desire to be a man of good standing and will stand for what is right even when others don't agree with him. A wife needs to encourage him to have a vision for his character by celebrating his good qualities.

5. A husband without a vision for his legacy will be lazy. He will lack motivation and drive. He will misuse finances and be OK with being average and mediocre, refusing correction. He will not be keen to grow. But one with a vision will be strategic, passionate and deliberate about what he invests in. He will strive for excellence and growth. Wives, ask your husband his dream and life goals, call out his greatness, be his vision partner.

A vision is something so personal, either you have it or you don't. This is why it is important for a woman to have a vision and for her to marry a man with a vision. In marriage, the two should sharpen each other's vision.

Many times wives fight and become frustrated by the symptoms of their visionless husband instead of inspiring their husband to live by a vision. When a man has a vision, nothing can stop him. He is protective of what he is building and where he is going.

Without a vision, people perish. Without a vision, marriages perish.

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