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Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, was wrong. Politics cannot be the highest possible ideal man can pursue. Granted, intelligent men have left their stellar careers in law and medicine and switched to politics. But they inevitably end reasoning like pigs if Kenyan one are any yardsticks.

Aristotle claimed that a man reaches a state of happiness, prosperity and good health or ‘eudaimonia’, when he pursues politics. In his mentally bruising effort, The Politics, Aristotle also said if you are not interested in politics, you are either a god or a beast.

What a load of bull, even if Aristotle didn’t mean politics in its murk and mire? Politicians are the lowliest of species considering the world’s problems can be attributed to their greed and myopia.

It is why rich businessmen have such a disdain towards, especially venal African politicians. Politicians surround themselves with sycophants; parasitic freeloaders who feast on politician and then scatter for safety when the ship starts sinking.

I will vote for celibacy as the highest pursuit of life. A strong man is one who suppress his sexual urges periodically. The strongest one can forsake sex altogether. In fact, had I been born a Catholic, I would have taken the well-beaten path to priesthood, in the strictest, most philosophical order.

There is no doubt that sex is perhaps the best gift of nature despite permanently enslaving men. But I despise men whose main preoccupation in life is sex and women. I recently stumbled upon a timeless essay, Courtship through the Ages, by American wit James Thurber that appeared in the December 9, 1939 issue of The New Yorker.

It is about the male specie’s most debasing purpose: soliciting sex from the female specie. All the males in the animal kingdom are condemned to sorrowful lengths of courtship, fraught with risks and some often pay with their lives for chasing the Mound of Venus.

Here are a few examples. Think of the peacock. Despite its gorgeous plumage, it still has to beg, carry gifts such as ‘wine,’ a ‘card’ and a ‘bouquet of flowers’ to signal a peahen. The peahen ignores these gestures and demand for even more pampering. A bowerbird spends too much time courting, it hardly gets anything done, yet the hens care less for all its efforts.

Several millions of web-spinning spiders are murdered annually after sex. Butterflies, despite their beauty, need scent scales on their wings. Additionally, they must carry ‘French wines,’ ‘white forest cakes’ and ‘designer perfumes’ for female butterflies to accept an evening invitation.

It is worse for mankind.

I need not belabour what women put men through. Those who abstain or are celibate, fortunately skip these hazardous rituals. If you have ever invited a Nairobian woman for a drink and she turned up with all her garrulous friends, you get the drift. Why is it that men have to be burdened with pleasing women, who have no corresponding need for reciprocity?

Celibacy has its merits. It gives you room to think about what life is all about.

I am currently reading on certain monks and hermits from the Greek orthodoxy who live in Mount Athos, Greece. They never interact with women.

The only proximate female species are cats. Because of rats. All they do is some farming, walking in their expansive monastery and return to their cottages to pray and meditate. How wonderful.

Aristotle said the thinker is not only the ‘best’ person, but is also most like God. Libidinous men often think with their small gnarled balls, you know. 

Some of the most prolific thinkers, inventors and creative people were bachelors. They escaped distractions that come with women and sex- that physically consumes, emotionally empties