Many Kenyans woke up wondering why Orie Rogo Manduli was trending yesterday and in case you missed it, the fierce lady was live on Jeff Koinange Live speaking her mind.

The highlight of the interview, which got all Kenyans attention, was when she picked up her phone on live air as it was about to end which got KOT talking. The ‘Jaluo Jeuri’ gave everyone a piece of her mind when she went all out on the MCA’s calling them ‘headless chicken running around like ‘kanjos’ looking for money and urging Sarah Serem to hang in there but asking “Who has been oiling you lately?” concerning the loans she has been giving out recently.

She went on to entertain as she shamed MPs for ‘smooching’ around young ladies and encouraged their wives to be like Mama Lucy Kibaki and stand up for their family like she did  back in the day on being the First Lady and being the only wife of former President Kibaki.

The interview got hotter when Manduli continued shaming young women who are home wreckers and gives them a reality check of being a side dish ('mpango wa kando') and that they would be nothing more. She took it away when she dared the President to fired corrupted leaders and step up in getting rid of the vice.

Check out some of the tweets from KOT

@ludah_kahlonji: Orie Rogo Manduli is Burning real fire. A real conscious African Woman. Lioness on the roar #JKL. jaluo jeuri mwenye hekima @KoinangeJeff

@Ndugnu: Orie Rogo Manduli, this is the type of Kenyan we should be, type of leader we should find @KoinangeJeff #Jkl

@Deejay_Rudeboy: #Jkl @koinangejeff orie rogo manduli with her swagger... She has the brains kabisa. Her views are owned by me too

@enyakowa: @KoinangeJeff #JKL I like the spirit of orie-rogo Manduli, always speaking facts to Kenyans

@Stellanganga: @KoinangeJeff, your bench is hot with Lady Orie Rogo Manduli. Quench the fire, save the head dress! What an achiever!

@iamjeffmote: Weighing heavy on my mind like an Orie Rogo Manduli head gear. This woman's sidekick IS her head scarf. #SaluteManduli

@MeekNick254: Only orie rogo manduli picks up a call on live t.v lol, in a league of her own @koinangejeff #jkl

@iamBonface: I think Orie Rogo Manduli should try and vie for presidency. She has a class and is fearless!!\

Check out the interview.