Maureen Waititu and Frankie Kiarie [Photo: Courtesy]

Your maternity shoot went viral a while back, not just locally, but internationally. What was the inspiration behind the shoot?

Maureen:  These days everyone does baby bump shoots, and they are usually similar. We wanted to do something different, original.  Apart from doing something that stood out, we also wanted to do a shoot that embraced our African roots, and that is how we came up with this idea.

However, we did not do it alone, we had a team that helped us bring the photoshoot to life. Rich Allela was our photographer and Manyara Mochache our stylist. Both did a fantastic job. 

The look would not have been complete without the amazing makeup artist, Muthoni Njoba and Daniel, who did the body art.

Did you have an idea that the shoot would be so impactful?

Frankie: We knew that the pictures were amazing, but we did not expect all the love we received. We are proud we inspired people and showed them that pregnancy is beautiful and should be celebrated.

You also have a large following on YouTube. Tell us about your channel?

Maureen: It is called AlphaBeta and we have been online for eight months. So far, we have about 13,000 subscribers. The name AlphaBeta stems from the idea of a wolf pack, meaning that we hunt together, we protect each other and everyone has a role to play.

What was the inspiration behind starting your popular vlog?

F: Life is so busy that sometimes we forget to capture important moments. We started our vlog as a diary, where we could store our memories for future. Maureen was very scared of what peoples’ reaction would be, but after the introduction video got a good reception, we haven’t stopped since.

Your latest video took vlogging in Kenya to a whole new level as you allowed the camera into your delivery room. Why? What inspired such a bold move? 

M: We decided to let the camera into the delivery room because we felt that because our very supportive followers had walked with us throughout the pregnancy, they deserved to share our delivery experience. We felt that it was right to give them the candid delivery room experience in pictures.

Any regrets about opening your life so much to the public? 

F: So far, we have no regrets. We only give the public a glimpse of what we are comfortable showing. The downside is when some people make derogatory and insensitive comments. As a result, we have had to block a few people.

 Maureen Waititu [Photo: Courtesy]

How do you know where to draw the line between what is private and what can be open to the public?

M: Privacy can be subjective. Things that may seem private to you might not be deemed private by us and vice versa. We always first discuss things before putting them out there.

Everything we show on social media is thought through. If anything is perceived as too private, we always put a positive twist to it.

What video vlog has received most hits?

F: The video of how we met. The video received about 112,000 views. I think everyone loves to hear a real-life love story.

How many times do you post a video online?

F: We try to post four or five videos in a month. We both shoot the videos and I do the editing.

Are you able to make money from YouTube?

M: We do this because we are very passionate about it. There is no money in YouTube views especially in Kenya. If sponsors do come, well and good, but it’s not our main objective.

Apart from vlogging, what do you both do for a living?

F:  I am the founder of a fitness and nutrition consultancy firm called Justgymit, where we offer fitness and nutritional solutions to individuals and corporates.

M: I am a lawyer by profession, but I work for a creative agency as an account executive. I am also a professional commercial model and an entrepreneur. I own lifeandmauhair, where I provide unique hair pieces in the form of handmade wigs and extensions.

What is the biggest misconception that people have about you?

F: Perhaps the fact that our lives are exactly as they appear on camera. What they do not know is that they only get to see a glimpse of what we let them see.

What one thing don’t people know about you?

M: With Frankie, underneath all his masculinity, there lies a very sensitive, caring man towards those he loves.

F: That behind Maureen’s calm and soft personality, if provoked, especially where the kids are concerned, she can kill a bear!

Biggest challenge about vlogging

F: Keeping up with weekly posts sometimes can be tricky as we have so much happening in our lives.

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