How to prepare for an interview in just 24 hours


It’s that day when excellent news comes your way. Your dream company has offered you an opportunity of a lifetime with close to no heads up. You receive an email inviting you to attend the interview in just less than a day. It’s both exciting and a little nerve-racking. An invitation to a job interview at the last minute tests your level of commitment to opportunity.

Settle your nerves because such timing is still perfect. This is how you prepare for the job interview happening tomorrow:

Research on the interview

Learning about the interview helps one to eliminate anxiety.

Some of the key factors to consider are:

Who you will talk to: Are you going to speak to the manager or HR? Framing the right kind of answers will save you from giving unnecessary information.

Dress code: A descent suit is perfect! A professional demeanor creates the mood for an official atmosphere.

Know the direction to the office: After an application, it’s advisable to make a pre-visit to a company. Pass by the gate and mark the location. If you live far away, google maps can help you trace the company.

Consult about the Job Description: One may wish to seek clarification on the job requirements. For instance, understand about salary, and terms of work.

Learn about the company online

In the modern age, brands have an online presence on social media. For a job seeker, one can visit a company’s website and learn about the following:

  • Company annual sales
  • Company services and products
  • Recent news that is, interview with CEO, press release and new products.

Prepare a portfolio

A professional background gives the employer a view of the level of experience gained. You can give a detailed description of the recent achievement in different job capacities in the past.

Prepare your outfit and rest early

Looking good is always a plus, dress to impress! Iron your outfit and neatly hang them before bedtime. Good sleep will help you overcome anxiety in the morning and avoid late arrival. Juggle in the traffic as early as possible and arrive on time for the interview.

Rehearse for the interview

Anticipate predictive questions and the correct answers. Prepare on how to respond to a positive job offer in case the interviewer decides to hire your services.

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