The Postal Corporation of Kenya and the Immigration Department of Kenya on Thursday signed an MOU to have passports delivered to applicants.

Post-Master General Dan Kagwe and Immigration Department Director-General Alexander Muteshi signed the MOU and the initiative will be fully operational in September.

“Through the initiative, passport applicants will not have to visit our offices to pick ready passports.

“This will significantly save time for applicants, reduce congestion in our offices, and help in the fight against the spread of COVID-19,” tweeted the Immigration Department.

International flights are set to resume on Saturday, August 1, 2020, and there were concerns over congestion at the immigration offices.

Earlier this week, Kenya Airways board Chairman Michael Joseph spoke on the scheduled resumption of international flights this Saturday saying the national carrier is well-prepared.

Speaking on an interview on a local TV station, Joseph said he expects numbers to be quite low for a start but will pick with time.

“The wait has been a long one for us…it is a little bit nervous in terms of will we get enough passengers? Will all the protocols put in place work well?

“We have been freighters for the past few months so it is not completely new but still it would be nice to know that we will have full flights,” he said.

Adding: “Our passenger load looks pretty good so far… the first days will be quite low, I think, probably around 60% - 65%.”

Joseph added everyone who boards a plane will have their temperature checked and masks will be worn at all times except during meals.