Should Mt Kenya region vote as a bloc in 2022?


Politics is about interests. American political scientist Harold Lasswell opined many years ago that politics is about who gets what, when and how.

Mt Kenya people should wholeheartedly vote for one candidate who has their best interests at heart. Every presidential candidate is welcome to the region to sell his/her manifesto.

The people should then weigh each of those candidates’ agenda and endorse one candidate.

That way, we will be in a position to ask questions post-2022. That’s why I beseech Mt Kenya people to unite and ensure they make a wise decision.

That should not be interpreted as tribalism. Our unity will be our strength. Leaders should be in the forefront to unite the region. This is the time to speak with one voice.

A voice that touches on coffee, tea, milk and other important issues that directly affect our people.

Mt Kenya cannot afford to be discriminated against economically and politically by the government.

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