Number of KMTC graduates surges as nursing takes the lead


KMTC Headquarters, Nairobi. [Wilberforce Okwiri, Standard]

The number of graduates from the Kenya Medical Training Institute (KMTC) has shot up by 2,541 in the last nine years, data obtained by The Saturday Standard reveals.

The number of graduates from the medical college has been on a steady rise from 4,969 in 2012 to 7,510 in 2021.

This year, students pursuing a Diploma in Community Health and Nursing registered the highest number of graduates at 1,823. Those pursuing a Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery came in second after 1,397 of them graduated.

In third place were 455 graduates pursuing a certificate in Community Health Nursing.

A total of 109 students graduated with a certificate in Orthopaedic plaster technology, 103 with a diploma in Mental Health Psychiatry Nursing, 82 with a Diploma in Orthopaedic and Trauma Medicine, 22 with a Diploma in Ophthalmic Nursing, 19 with a Higher Diploma in Peri-Operative Nursing, 18 with a Higher Diploma in Psychiatric Nursing, 17 with a Higher Diploma with Critical Care Nursing, 10 with a Higher Diploma in Community Health and HIV/Aids Care, seven with Higher Diploma in Addiction Sciences and four with a Higher Diploma in Clinical Medicine (Reproductive Health).

There were, however, no graduates pursuing Higher Diplomas in Palliative Care Nursing, Podiatric Nursing, Nephrology Nursing, Kenya Registered Nurse (Anaesthetists Nursing), Community Health Nursing and Clinical Medicine ( Family Health).

The revelation comes on the backdrop of an announcement by the State that about 30,000 nurses will be eligible to work in the United Kingdom following the signing of a deal for an exchange programme with the Kenyan government, which was launched on July 9 during President Uhuru Kenyatta’s London visit.

The Ministry of Labour is coordinating the process and has already invited unemployed, qualified nurses interested in working abroad to apply.

Labour Cabinet Secretary Simon Chelugui said the registration of 30,000 nurses with degrees and diplomas had begun and will run until October.

“We signed a deal in the UK, negotiated by President Kenyatta, and we are urging unemployed nurses to turn up and register for an opportunity that will help them gain employment and world-class experience,” he said.

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