Officer arrested over link to 2,040 bullets found in Embakasi car


The car in which the bullets were recovered in Embakasi on September 15, 2021. [Kamore Maina, Standard]

A police inspector attached to Embakasi B-Campus in Nairobi has been arrested after being linked to the 2,040 bullets found in a car in Mihango.

David Okoth was arrested by DCI Ruai officers within Embakasi and escorted to Ruai police station.

It was reported at the Mihango Police Station at 12:30pm on September 15, that the 7.62mm bullets were found in a silver Mitsubishi Lancer.

The officer is to be charged for the offence of being in possession of ammunition.

Okoth will be arraigned at the Makadara law courts tomorrow.

The driver of the saloon car had abandoned the vehicle opposite Be Energy Petrol Station on the Eastern Bypass shortly before occupants of another vehicle arrived at the scene and shot haphazardly at the Mitsubishi Lancer.

The registration plate of the second vehicle, which was white in colour, was not captured, police said.

Twenty bullet holes were spotted in the Lancer, which had its windscreen shattered.

“Some of the fired bullets exited through the vehicle’s windscreen, which was badly damaged,” police said.

Two other vehicles parked near the Mitsubishi Lancer were also shot at.

“The G –Touring had a bullet hole in the rear windscreen while the Vitz had a bullet hole in the right rear door,” police said.

The two vehicles had been parked on a roadside garage for repair, according to authorities.

Police accessed the abandoned Mitsubishi Lancer, and discovered 2,040 bullets were in brown cartons placed on the seats.

Thirty-four cartons were found in the vehicle, with each box containing sixty 7.62mm rounds of ammunition.

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