National Prayer Breakfast has become just another annual calendar event for politicians

President Uhuru Kenyatta received by his Deputy William Ruto and other leaders for the 18th Kenya National Prayer Breakfast at Parliament building, Nairobi. [Jonah Mwangi, DPPS]

That Kenyans love calendar events is not in doubt. We are all for consistency, and we want to do the same thing all the time and still expect different results.

There is nothing wrong with that but at times, it is good to be unpredictable and surprise your friends, or even subjects and in this case, your voters. That is a tall order for our elected representatives who are used to getting away with murder — many a time, literally.

They tell us lies, we vote for them, they let us down, then lie to us and we vote them in and they go ahead to not only shortchange us, but also rip us off by stealing our taxes.

Apart from telling us lies and stealing from us in all ways, they also organise the National Prayer Breakfast, like they did three days ago.

This is one annual event that they look forward to. Praying is a good thing by all standards, especially for an extremely religious nation like ours where politicians invest in heaven.

Every year, at this event, they ask God to protect and guide Kenya to prosperity and give them the wisdom they need to govern us well so that we can get our daily bread rightfully. They vow to do all the things that would make God proud and shower not only them, but their voters with blessings.

But immediately they leave the prayer hall, they are back to factory settings of creating poverty and despondency through their wicked, wicked ways.

Surely, we cannot be asking God for help, while knowing that we can only succeed when we change our ways, but we fail to do that, then expect our nation to prosper.

Of course our country needs divine intervention, but it can only attain the change politicians, and all Kenyans desire, if the politicians do not pray for one good thing, then engage in thousands of devilish acts that kill the nation’s collective spirit.


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