Women have become notorious for finessing men (Photo: iStock)

In all honesty, there is no one in this world who enjoys being taken advantage of, unless there are deep issues going on. It’s always gut-wrenching to realise that the person you thought had genuine feelings for you has completely different intentions.

When we compare dating for men versus women, people still assume that it’s only men who play games. But the truth is that women have become notorious for finessing men for their personal gain.

In these dating streets, men have to learn how to protect themselves to avoid ending up in these types of situations. The tips below will show you ways you can steer off women who have devious plans:

Build your self-esteem

Low self-esteem affects both men and women, no one is exempt. It distorts how you see yourself and your value in this world, which can completely ruin your life.

Low self-esteem in dating also makes you desperate and users can smell it from a mile away. Be honest with yourself if you need to deal with your esteem issues so you can attract genuine people and have healthier relationships.

Seek wisdom from the right people

Masculinity coaches online have become very popular. But what some don’t know is that many of them are only preying on men with confidence issues and a lot of that advice doesn’t help in the real, practical world.


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You will only be able to learn how to improve yourself and how to avoid fake women if you seek wisdom from people who actually have it. A happily married older man is a great example. There are more valuable tips from places like the Bible and from people in your life like maybe an older brother or your father.

Never rush the process

Being in a hurry to find “the one” never ends well. It’s good to know what you want right from the beginning but you should still take your time.

You need enough time to know the person you’re dealing with and whether they are actually who they are presenting themselves to be. You increase your risk of getting played if you skip that whole process of getting to know someone.

Don’t ignore any red flags

Ignoring the red flags is the worst mistake you can make. You’re compromising the things that are important to you, which can cost you your life in future.

If something happens and you know you saw some red flags, then you have no one else to blame but yourself. So don’t be afraid of asking the tough questions as you get to know someone and if it may be too soon or sound intrusive, find a way to get the answers you need in a tactful way.

Don’t lead with your wallet

Most of the stories out there of men getting played usually involve money. Women do like a man who can provide but be extremely careful with what you choose to reveal financially when you’re just dating around.

Maintain a humble energy so you don’t end up attracting users easily.