Comrade Triplets respond to Amina Abdi. 

Content creators Cate, Eve, and Mary, popularly known as 'Comrades triplets' have accused veteran TV and Radio Presenter Amina Abdi Rabar of being jealous of their content. Responding through an interview, the triplets, who rose to fame by announcing that they had all fallen in love with one man, urged Amina to support them other than bashing them out.

It all started when Amina criticized their content, saying that some of their jokes are not funny, especially when they take it too far. Despite saying that the trio's content is humorous to some point, her concerns come to play when they decide to prolong their stunts on their subjects.

"I don't know why I don't find some of these jokes funny. I see the humour. It's just that it's at someone else's expense. Shouldn't you tell them it's just joking at some point when you're pranking someone?" Amina questioned.

Reacting to a specific video clip where one of the trios pranked a gentleman by wearing vampire teeth and scaring the man, Amina feared that the man in the video could have easily hurt himself while trying to defend himself.

"Plus, he could have hurt himself... anyway, ni content," Amina added.

Fans who resonated and shared Amina's concern also expressed similar opinions, noting that some pranks could easily backfire and hurt someone.

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@zack_laah: @aminaabdirabar I agree 

@s.adongo:  @aminaabdirabar he could have run into the road and get knocked down ???????? this is so sad ????, some people have health conditions that don't need any kind of intriguers

@aishaali_001: @aminaabdirabar ????very true sister, not funny at all,

@ireneotula: @aminaabdirabar very soon, someone is going to hurt themselves trying to run away. It's not nice at all.

@ceeoks My sentiments exactly. Whoever is creating this content should go back to the drawing board.

However, the triplets brushed off the criticism accusing Amina of being jealous of their 'overnight' fame.

"Amina should stop being jealous. She should support the girl child," they said in an interview.

The trio has been enjoying the limelight recently thanks to their 'vampire teeth' prank videos that continues to go viral on social media.